flame_badge Baron & Baroness
Baron Gustav von Atzinger & Baroness Marissa von Atzinger
Representatives of the Crown who oversee the Barony of the Flame.

seneschal_badge Seneschal
Lady Thora Brandsdottir
Handles administrative needs, advises the Barony on policies and laws, and runs Baronial meetings.

chatelaine_badge Chatelaine
Baroness Nonna the Midwife, OL
Advises newcomers and welcomes them to the SCA. Serves as publicity/media coordinator and helps plan demos.

herald_badge Herald
Baroness Camilla de la Reynarde
Provides heraldic consultation to Baronial members. Serves as herald at courts/events.

exchequer_badge Exchequer
Mistress Ellowyn Kittle von Drachenstein
Responsible for financial matters related to the Barony.

 marshal_badgeKnight’s Marshal
David von Atzinger
Oversees armored combat activities for the Barony.

fencemarshal_badge Marshal of Fence
Baroness Camilla de la Reynarde
Oversees rapier activities for the Barony.

archery_badgeArchery Captain
Lord Styrkárr þambarskelmir Eiríksson
Oversees archery activities for the Barony..

chronicler_badge Chronicler
Baroness Eleanor Von Atzinger, OP
Produces Baronial newsletter and keeps Baronial meeting minutes.

webmin_badge Webminister
Sgt. Azrael the Lanky
Maintains Baronial web presence.

moas_badge Mistress of Arts & Sciences
Lady Isobel
Coordinates A&S activities for the Barony.

childrens_badge Mistress of Children
Position Open
Organizes children’s activities for Baronial events.

Youth Marshal
Capt. Sigmund Kittel
Oversees youth combat activities for the Barony.