Hail and well met!

I am Sayyida Raziya al-Zarqa’, and I currently serve as the Chatelaine for the Barony of the Flame.

It is my duty and privilege to help welcome newcomers to our lands and our home as the official initial point of contact. If you have questions about the Society as a whole or activities that we engage in locally I’m here to help answer them and help you on your journey.

If you find you might need to borrow garb (clothing) for an event, want to learn what all these strange terms and acronyms you are seeing mean, or simply need a nudge to find what things you might be interested in delving deeper into within the Society I’m here to help.

After being SCA adjacent for years and living in both Æthelmearc and the East before moving to the Midrealm I officially joined the SCA in 2021 to better help welcome newcomers to the Society. I know how confusing things can be and I want to best help wherever I might be able, and if I can’t help you I’ll point you to someone who can.

Yours in Service,
Sayyida Raziya al-Zarqa’