What better page for the Web Minister to have than the Links page?

Greetings I am Æiric Ørvender Web minister to the Barony of the Flame, Within the SCA I portray a 1st Century Briton of the Iceni Tribe. I am a heavy fighter, leather worker and brewer (of little skill). I have the great fortune to be apprenticed to Mistress Bianca Rosamund who is suffering to push me forward in my A&S endeavors, and Squired to Sir Diglach mac Cein who has consented to undertaking the enormous task of training me in the Arts of War.

In the Mundane world I am a graphic artist, flash animator and fine artist.

Well enough about me onto the Links!
Keep watching this page as I will be adding more links as time goes on.

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Middle Kingdom (MidRealm) Homepage

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MidRealm Calendar

Middle Kingdom Oakenarmy

Midrealm Equestrian page

Middle Kingdom Disabilities Homepage

Cindy Renfrow's Page of Links
This is a wonderful starting point for those interested in Medieval/Renaissance Food and Drink. This site has many links to helpful articles.

Gallery of Byzantine Images
A gorgeous site with lots of beautiful pictures and other information. This is a must for those with a Byzantine persona.

This link is for all you Nordic types out there.
La Saga de Ulriko y los navegantes del Velgermir

Here's a new link sent to us by a young history student by the name of Madison some recipes of the middle ages! Thanks Madison, perhaps you'll come to one of our events and I'll fight in your honor!

Member Webpages

Master Lothair's Homepage

  Lord Everard's Homepage

  Caravan Creations's Homepage

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