Baronial Transition

Lords and Ladies of the Flame,

It has been an immense pleasure of ours to serve as Baron and Baroness of these lands for the last five years. There is no other populace like the Flame and it has been a joy to serve you. That being said it will soon be time to poll for the next Baron and Baroness, who would be invested at this years Christmas Tourney.

If you are interested in learning about the process or wish to submit a letter of intent to become the next to sit the baronial seat, we will be accepting letters of intent until June 30th. At the next meeting we will have extensive discussions on the process.

If you choose to submit your letter, please be prepared to be part of a Q&A session, date to be announced.

Letters must be emailed to BOTH email addresses below,

Sargent Reichert:
B&B Flame:


Jaime and Eleanor