Baron and Baroness

The Barony of the Flame is one of the oldest baronies in the Middle Kingdom, our history stretching back to the mid-1970s. Our first Baroness, Cordelia Tichy, served for many years in a variety of offices, setting a splendid example of service for all to follow. Her best-known Baron was Sir David de Kunstenaar, a man of great prowess and courage. Master Sir Lothair von Drachenstein and Lady Isadora next held the appointment, expanding the Barony and serving as grand examples of fine leadership. Their Excellencies Erick der Rotnacken and Camilla de la Reynarde were next in the lineage and provided exemplary service to both populace and Kingdom.

We, Baron Jaime von Atzinger and Baroness Eleanor von Atzinger, welcome you to one of the most diverse and most talented Baronies in the realm! The Barony of the Flame boasts many active members of the Peerage including Pelicans, Laurels and the Chivalry, and is among the most welcoming and dedicated of populaces. We are always eager to meet new friends and members wishing to join us, so please come share in the hospitality of the Flame! We are committed to providing a fun, positive atmosphere in these Southern reaches of the Middle Kingdom.

Jaime and Eleanor, Baron & Baroness Flame